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Dating and Social Networking Apps have never been soo fun.

I started programming my own sites years ago, but in 2016 I got more serious at it.

Serious meaning, I worked on putting together App Creator software along with a Content Management system.

I consider myself an intermediate programmer.  When I started off, I didn’t even know how to move an object with CSS (which stands for Cascading Style sheets; this basically means its the code you put in to show how the pictures and text will look on your screen).

Today, I know CSS really well (and HTML).  But honestly, you don’t need to make an App with all these crazy designs and coding.  Users just want simpler Apps where you can get on and find people you like to chat with and send messages with each other, etc.

Past History

After knowing the basics, I programmed and coded my first social networking app: GYM Dating App.

  Basically you meet other men and women into the gym scene, but also into the dating scene.  It’s a great concept because people date and people go to the gym - so why not use the App to see who’s nearby to chat and possibly meet.

After that, I figured this would look really well with gay men.  Thus, GYM Gay Dating App was born:

This was exclusively for gay men who I figured would not want to be on a general heterosexual dating app, but rather an something geared towards males who are gay or bi.

These 2 we a success, with the gay version being even more popular.

The next app published was Patsi Lesbian Dating:

Using the same styles in the GYM Apps, I published an app just for lesbian women.  The concept was to make it a no-frills app which I thought was appealing in itself because it offered simplicity.  Even our splash screen shows it:

From there on, I published more dating apps including a interracial dating app called Zebra

.  First it was just Zebra Interracial Dating.  Then years later I branched it out and made a separate gay and a separate Lesbian one.

How about a Political App?

Because of the Popularity of Donald Trump, Trump Singles was published.  This connects fans of Donald Trump for chat and dating.  Check out one of our splash screens:  Donald Trump Banner


Presently, I have about 15 social Apps published - each with different themes like the ones above.  All are free.  I figured why charge so much money and that would turn off potential Members.  The Apps are free and unlimited - unlimited searching, message reading, views - everything.  The Apps are, however, ad supported by reliable ad networks such as AdMob.

I decided this year to make most of the Apps more of a social network type app rather than just dating.  Now, I created a screen called The Wall (some Apps may have a slightly different name, but its the same concept).

The Wall features posts of Members.  Basically, you can create a post for anything such as an Event.  Other Posts include sharing a Selfie, selling Merchandise you own like furniture, Renting a Room you have in your apt, offering freelance Services, and so forth.  Think of it as a classified site, meets a social site, meets dating.  I thought that merging dating - where you just look at personals and send messages - with Social Networking - where you can post things would be a great concept because now Members can not only find a date, but offer their Services, sell Merchandise, etc with other members of the same community, rather than having to use multiple sites.

The Wall has been very popular across all Apps because it brings everyone together in one “room” to share photos, videos, sell stuff, etc.

The future

The future is looking bright.  I plan to publish all the Apps on the Apple Store (yes, none of the Apps are available yet on I-Phone).

For now,  I am working on creating links to sign up to one of our Apps via this website.  This way any user can pick the App they like and be linked to the signup form rather than the Apps stores; they wont also have to download the app either.  Since none of our Apps are on I-Phone, web sign up (and use) is a perfect fit.

Once you can sign up to one of our Apps via Squarestr.com, Squarestr will theme of who is nearby to you that share your interests and it will become its own App on the web and App strores.  Squarestr will feature a more social networking type app where users can post things - but also have the option of dating.  Think of it as Instagram meets Tinder.  By the way, on Squarestr, you will be able to see all of our members on each themed App.

Our App Icons:

Check out our Icons used in all our websites and apps:


Check out our Icons used in the websites and Apps:



Some of our App Backgrounds



In Conclusion,

Thanks for reading this Blog which will be update periodically.  And try one of our Apps today! See our Apps

Alex The Webmaster