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For example, African American Friends( below), you would type in: africanamericanfriends

NEW! African American Friends

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Meet people of color from all over the world

 NEW! Twinks4Daddies

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Gay Dating and Chat

NEW! Lovin Lawyers

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Date a Lawyer

NEW! Indian American Friends

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Connect with Indians all over the world

Just click the Name to install on Google Play for these apps:

GYM Dating App

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Meet men and women into sports and the gym

Read our Blog about GYM

GYM Gay Dating App

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Meet gay guys into the gym.  Find gym new buddies

Trump Singles

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Date and chat with people into Donald trump


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Lesbian Dating.  Find lesbians for fun.

Read our Blog about Patsi

Whitney Wilson

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Meet elite and polished lesbians

Zebra Interracial Dating

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Zebra Gay Interracial Hook ups

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Zebra Lesbian Interracial Dating

Read our Blog about Zebra

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Find gay bears, jocks, rugged guys into chat and hookups

The Asian Connection

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Connect with Asians worldwide

App is sunsetted

Latin American Friends

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Connect with Latinos and their Admirers in the Americas

African American Friends

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Post events that interest black Americans.  Find dates, new friends

UFO Dating App

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Chat and Date people into UFO’s and abducted by aliens


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Chat with Trannies and Drag Queens.  Find Tranny events

Doctor Dating

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Date medical students and hospital staff.  Connect with Doctors


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When you have the urge; Gay Dating App


Create the list of gay guys you want to meet

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Old fashioned dating

Squarestr.com publishes free and fun Social Networking & Dating themed Apps on Google Play.  Did you ever wan to meet someone but not pay a whole lotta money on those other dating sites?  

All our Apps are free and unlimited - unlimited viewing, Profile and Pic sharing, send unlimited Messages, Follow as many Members as you like.  Post things like Events, stuff For Sale, Rent a Room out, and so much more….

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